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Classic Actress: Gloria Swanson

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Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson is one of the world's most famous stars from the silent era.

Gloria Swanson began her film career in 1913 as a supernumerary at the company Essanay. There she met her first of six husbands, the famous actor Wallace Beery and moved with him about 1915, after Hollywood. The actress worked frequently with in the films of Mack Sennett. They insisted, however, have never been to one of the bathing beauty.

In 1919 she was awarded a contract with Paramount, where she rose quickly become one of the biggest stars of the studio. Was mainly responsible for this, the director Cecil B. DeMille. In his parlor comedies, "he placed Swanson as a confident woman of society, has his own ideas about love and marriage. Why Change Your Wife Strip as Male and Female, and helped to make Swanson is one of the most glamorous women of the 1920s. The actress appeared at the time once in conjunction with Rudolph Valentino in a version of the comedy The Admirable Crichton.

At the height of her career, she earned $ 22,500 per week and married in 1925 Henri de La Falaise, the title of what you earned a Marquise de la Falaise. The studio tried its best to build an alleged rivalry between Swanson and Pola Negri, which Swanson said no, but always. Gloria Swanson presented in various films her talent for comedy and imitation of famous stars to the test. They parodied Charles Chaplin in the strip Manhandled. Twenty-five years later, she placed him in a scene from Sunset Boulevard again dar.

1926 Gloria Swanson left the Paramount and producing their films themselves, in order to bring about the company United Artists in the distributor. Such an approach was then quite common for big stars. Also, the Talmadge sisters Norma and Constance, Charlie Chaplin, Corinne Griffith, and Colleen Moore at that time acted as an independent producer.

Most of the films were financially successful. The shooting of the film Queen Kelly, directed by Erich von Stroheim in 1928 but fell fiasco. Swanson realized during filming that the film would never happen in the original version of the censor. Stroheim was fired and a rush by Swanson himself produced the film end could not save. The rotated material ended up in the archive. Swanson and her then boyfriend Joseph P. Kennedy allegedly lost $ 800,000 in this project.

Gloria Swanson managed the transition to talkies, and it was passable nominated for her performance in The Trespasser, directed by Edmund Goulding for an Oscar. The change in public taste, however, led to a waning interest in their next films. After 1934, drew largely from the actress on the movie. A comeback attempt in the movie Father Takes A Wife, in 1941 without success.

Swanson played in the period drama and occasionally drew alongside its own line of clothes she was selling a large American retail chain. She worked a lot on the radio and have appeared very early on television. In 1948 she was selected by the Life Magazine "America's most beautiful grandmother.

Rather than a compromise solution, Swanson has been used in 1950 by Billy Wilder in Sunset Boulevard. She played a forgotten silent film diva Norma Desmond, a role which many parallels to her own life showed. She managed to Sunset Boulevard is another great success and was nominated for the third time for the Oscar, went but to Judy Holliday. Further successes for Gloria Swanson were made in the aftermath. She was then be seen only in smaller roles.